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    How it works

    Custom order request

    Begin your journey with a request through our web form. We can start your consultation with as little details as you have.

    Free design consultancy

    Get a dedicated design consultant to work on your project details, pricing, delivery date and digital illustration. Consultancy is totally free of cost and you can opt out at any stage.

    Order placement

    Place your order using the listing link provided by your design consultant. Listing link mentions agreed details of custom project along with digital illustration.

    Production & delivery

    See your design come to life through our 6-step production process, followed by photoshoot sharing. Up on your approval, order is dispatched.

    Production process

    01. Digital illustration

    To begin the bespoke digital process, our creative team in collaboration with design consultant makes a digital illustration of the custom project, which is shared with the customer in advance and then with the production team, once the customer approves

    02. Pattern making

    Design consultant briefs every fine detail of the custom project to the production team with the help of digital illustration, supporting pictures and text

    03. Fabrication/Leather making

    If the custom product is to be made of leather, production team places order for leather making which usually take 3-4 weeks. If the garment is to be made of fabric then production team sources fabric from our trusted vendors

    04. Cutting & construction

    Once fabric/leather comes in our production facility, it is sent for cutting followed by stitching

    05. Embroidery, printing & accessories

    If custom project involves embroidery, printing or any 3-D printed accessory, it is sent to the respective department after stitching

    06. Finishing & QC

    Once the final product is ready. It is vital for us to send every piece through a strict quality control inspection, where the garment is scrutinized from every angle to ensure nothing is missed out and is perfectly crafted