VearFit promise to deliver the quality product and want to aware the people how to keep leather jacket in proper condition. It is very important to keep your leather jacket protect from the different stains and scratches that appear on the jacket and reduce the attraction of it. Therefore, we are providing the information regarding the leather jacket protection that how you can prevent your jacket from stains and how you can make your jacket again attractive and appealing.

Step 1 – Cleaning

When you find the any stain on your jacket, always use the clean clothes and make it wet little bit and try to remove the stain by using the wet cloth. Be careful if any kind of liquid has been falling down on the leather jacket, and then do not let the liquid dry on your jacket because it could give damages to the leather. If any kind of oil falls down on the jacket the immediately put the baking soda on the oil because the baking oil contains the ability to suck all the oil and prevent your jacket from stain.

Step 2 – conditioning

There are many leather conditioner available in the market that you can purchase for keeping your jacket clean and shinny. The conditioner will make the jacket clean and shiny and will give you amazing look.

Step 3 –  Storage 

When you do not use the leather jacket and want to store it, then you should pack it properly in the poly bag and do not keep the jacket on that place where Temperature remains lower than 25 F.


Do not wash your leather jacket in Washing machine. Do not use any kind of chemical for cleaning the jacket. Do not get near to fire or do not iron the leather jacket.