In any case, if you are not happy with your purchase, or the quality of leather jackets you can return the jacket to us. We are liable to return the jacket, if any; customer is not happy with the purchase and wants to exchange the Leather jackets.

We delightfully offer return and exchange if customer wants to return to us. However, as per our policy the customer will only can qualify for return and exchange, if the customer returns the jacket back to us within the 21 days after receives of the parcel. We will not accept the return if a customer sends us after the 21 days.

How the RMA process happens

When you do not like the jacket, please send us return request and we would send you complete information that how to return the jacket back to us.

In the return details we would send your complete return address along with the instructions that how you can return to cheaper service to us.

When you returned the jacket via any shipping company, send us the tracking number of the parcel. We do not accept the return without tracking number of the jacket. If in any case the shipping company lost the jacket on the way, we are not responsible for that and you have to claim to the shipping company.

Once we received our jacket back, we will refund the jacket price to you instantly.